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Meet Sophie, the fierce Danish beauty with a weakness for word games and spooky movies.


Whatever it is you were doing aged 17-years-old, it probably wasn’t with the Tilda Swinton-esqe poise that Sophie Rask possesses, was it? Indeed, to call her wise beyond her years sounds hackneyed, but, born and raised in Denmark, she now works as a full-time model, hopping on international flights with the casualness that most people bus to work. Reasons why we love Sophie? 1. Those eyebrows. 2. She prefers sewing and crosswords to playing on her smartphone while killing time in airport lounges. 3. Somehow, she’s adjusted to her new international, frenetic lifestyle without batting an eyelid. What a girl.


We took Sophie and some of our favorite Summer 17 looks for walk downtown.



“I always feel super confident when I’m walking a show. Maybe it’s because I have to, but on the runway, I turn into this very fierce, confident version of myself.”

“I’m really into thrillers. I’m not sure why, but I pretty much only read thrillers, and am currently reading one by a famous Swedish author. And I’m always watching spooky films on Netflix—I just finished Crossing Lines and Dexter.”

“I find fashion so much fun—to follow and be part of. Modeling has been really helpful style-wise; I’m not very good at matching colors and prints, but getting styled all the time has taught me so much about wearing different colors.”

“Going backpacking with my family in Vietnam and Thailand when I was 10 years old is a trip I’ll always remember. We really immersed ourselves in the culture—we didn’t do any of the touristy stuff—and we were truly living from day to day, working with what we had.”

Follow Sophie on Instagram @sophierask

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