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Meet Sahara, the British artist and model with a penchant for escaping the city.

Sahara Lin isn’t your average New Yorker. For starters, she is in fact British—born in Wales, to be exact. But what’s more—and perhaps most significant—is her temperament; in a city so frenzied and fast-paced, Sahara, tranquil and serene, is a beautiful anomaly. And here’s the real kicker—outside of modeling, Sahara also sculpts, draws, and paints, often working in a unique style directly onto glass. The effect, she tells us, “is sort of like a mirror: you can see your reflection, but also the paint underneath.” Utterly mesmerizing.

Sahara spent a recent sun-drenched spring morning in some of our new Summer pieces in her favorite neighborhood spots.


"I moved around a lot when I was younger, but my favorite place I’ve lived has to be Berlin. I could climb out my window, and step out onto someone’s roof—it was like my own little space. I really liked that because I felt so free. Oh, and there was also a chocolate factory across the street.”

"Growing up, I would always go missing, and my mom would eventually find me hiding in a tree or somewhere like that. She’d always be so worried, but I would just be in my own weird headspace. And I’m still sort of the same way—even today, my ultimate comfort zone is just being able to leave wherever I am and walk wherever I want to. I love traveling because I don’t know anyone. I’d like to just randomly get on a flight to New Orleans and sit down and have some crawfish. Any place is a good place if I can leave whenever I want.”


"I feel most confident when I’m walking down the road, in a nice outfit, with no one really paying me any attention because no one knows who I am. When I’m wearing something that I’m comfortable in, it makes me look tough. I guess I’ve always been a bit insecure. Even though I have this job, when someone compliments me I just feel awkward, you know? I honestly think the best compliment I can get is being told I’m weird.”


"I collect so much stuff. I would always take home little knick-knacks or charms I’d find on the street when I was a kid. I’ve always been drawn to weird little things that people don’t really look at.”


Follow Sahara on Instagram @palefoxsahara.


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