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Happy Mother's Day
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Listen, it’s a two-way thing. We love you. You love us.
But sometimes, it gets real.

Shannon (daughter): “When I go to work with you and see you being boss lady managing the office I’m like, ‘Yeah, mom!’”

Colleen (mom): “Shannon has made me more confident. Since she was a little girl, I always knew she was someone who knew what she wanted, and how to get it. It teaches me to do the same.”

Lensa (daughter): “I like it that every Friday mom and me, just us, have pizza together on the sofa and watch a movie. Every Friday. She’s awesome.”

Luisella (mom): “Becoming a mother is something that no books, no advice, can prepare you for. And it’s the most amazing experience. I discover new things, with her, and through her.”

Vinay (mom): “When I first starting working my mom would take half my pay check—I was outraged! When I told her I was getting married she gave me all my money she had saved for me. I was so thankful.”

Devin (daughter): “The best advice my mom ever gave me is to never accept carnations from a man because they are cheap flowers!”

Leah (mom): “When I was a girl, my mom was hard on us, but I didn't understand that was her way of taking care of us. I didn't see that when I was younger.”

Hana (daughter): “I learned to really appreciate my mom after I went to college and realized living alone was not as easy and exciting as I thought it was going to be.”

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