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Meet Katy, the fiery redhead with an infectious spirit who won’t take no for an answer.

"How else do you spread happiness?!" Katy Syme beams, divulging her personal mission to make people laugh. Indeed, you can’t walk away from a conversation with her without both a fresh and positive outlook on the world, and a renewed sense of confidence and ambition. “I feel incredibly privileged to have quite a free life,” says Katy, who was born and raised right outside of London. “But I’ve also kind of made it that way. It’s a luxury I’m just not willing to compromise on.” Cheers to that.

On an early spring day, we took the redheaded beauty for a jaunt around the neighborhood, with some of our most beloved Summer 17 prints and pieces in tow.


“Having no boundaries, having my freedom—which to me means not being restricted—being free to explore, to see what I want to see, say what I want to say, and to be who I want to be, are the most important things in life to me.”

“Clothes are one of the easiest ways to portray who you are. I think it’s useful to have options in your closet that are loud and exciting. As a model, I kind of have to be a blank canvas, so I don’t wear a ton of color, but sometimes I’ll wake up feeling so extra that I just need to throw on something wild.”

“I don’t often come up against people saying no—but when I do, I tend to position myself somewhere else. One thing I always told myself I couldn’t do is run, and recently I tried, and it turns out I can. It reminded me there’s actually nothing I can’t do. I might not be the best at it, but I can do anything I want to do. Or at least give it a try.”

“When I was young, I latched onto every redheaded actress in every role they played. Julia Roberts was my queen. Kate Winslet in everything she does because she was once a redhead,” Katy tells us. “They can do no wrong.”

Follow Katy on Instagram @symeski

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