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October 30, 2014

PREMIERE DATES: House of DVF Season 2

E! USA and Canada: Sunday, September 13th at 9PM
Future episodes will air Sundays at 10PM

E! UK: Monday, September 14th at 8PM

E! Middle East: Wednesday, September 16th at 9PM

E! Asia: Thursday, September 17th at 9PM

E! Philippines: Thursday, September 17th at 10PM

E! Eura (Most of Europe & Africa): Friday, September 18th at 8PM

E! Israel: Saturday, September 19th at 4:45PM

E! Germany: Monday, September 21st at 9:05PM

E! Australia/New Zealand: Friday, September 25th at 9:30PM

E! France: Thursday, October 1st at 8:50PM

E! Latin America, E! Argentina, E! Mexico, E! Venezuela & E! Brazil: Sunday, November 8th, time to be confirmed